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28 June 2008 @ 01:18 am

at myself..
i binged, A LOT tonight.
i had around 700 cals!!! (total for all day)
that's disgusting.
i just got to work, and i couldn't help it!!
then i went out, and drank a little..
so then i munched some more :((
and i only burned about 400 cals.
(from excercising)

WAIT!! i just calculated, that from standing at work for 6 hours,
that i burned 612 - 750 cals!!!!!
now i'm excited!!!

okay. let's double check everything.
i had 2 cereal bars: 260 cals
went to the gym, burned 310.
then i ate a plum: 30 cals.
then i walked a little over a mile, 
but that only burned about 71 cals.

so far: eaten-290 .. worked off- 481
then i went to work:
i had a pretzel w/ marinara sauce: 390 cals!!
plus tea.. but idk how many cals that is.
so far: eaten - 680.. worked off- 481
but by the time i was done at work, 
after standing for over 6 hrs, i had burned
612 - 750 cals.
so far: eaten - 680.. worked off- 1,093 - 1,231!!!!
plus the munchies, beer, and tea.. idk.
but i doubt that would bring it up that high
yay for LJ!
or i never would have gone through this process :D

there's proof right there, that you ladies are what keep me strong <333

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